Commercial Services

Intrusion Alarm

We offer a wide range of commercial security systems from keypads and modules to sensors and accessories. Let us help you build a custom package to suit your needs.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance allows for real-time video footage of your commercial property. Available in a wide range of options including high definition feeds and night vision feeds.

Access Control

Keep your business secure with integrated access control systems. Whether you’re looking to secure an entrance way, elevator, or multiple areas of your business – we can help!


Intercom systems are a great way to see what is behind a closed door, allowing your staff to safely interact with a person on the other side without putting themselves at risk.


Sky Security is proud to offer complete networking solutions for our commercial clients. Whether you’re a small business or a large scale operation, we can help.


Our security packages feature 24/7/365 monitoring for your business and will automatically alert you in the event of an issue. Let us help you protect your investments.